Welcome to Stedje Camping

Enjoy your summer in
the apple orchard

We all welcome you to Stedje Camping

Stedje Camping lies by road 55, one kilometer from the city centre of Sogndal in the direction of Hella ferry / Vadheim. The campsite is in a fruit orchard by the Sognefjord.

The campsite

We have got modern sanitary buildings and a commonroom with television. On the campsite there are cabins and apartments, and a small shop where you may buy the most important provisions. There is a gas-station and a grocerystore right next to us, in case you need something.
We have a playground on the site and our own beach area. If you want to rent a boat, we have got one for you, and we have a slip if you want to use your own boat while staying by us. There is also a marina in connection with the campsite. The possibilities for fishing are great, both in the fjord, and in the nearby river.


How to get here?

Sogndal is in the centre of western Norway. Public transportation takes about 6 hours to get here from Oslo, you will use somewhat less by car. From Bergen the drive is about four hours, relaxing in a bus or on the boat will take a while longer. There is also an airport in town.


a highly living village.

Sogndal is a place for students, and the little town itself is young at heart. We have got pubs, discos and restaurants for everyone. There is a nice, cosy shopping-street in the lower parts of town, and in the upper parts you find the mall.

What to do in Sogndal?

The hub Sognefjorden.

Sogndal is a great village. But the surrounding areas have got at lot to offer.
Starting by foot in Sogndal you have a great variety of mountains to ascend. From the small half-an-hour walks to the eight-hour climbs. If water is more your element, why not rent a cayak?.
To meet the old culture in Norway, slightly modernised but still cosy, we recommend visiting Anestølen, a summerfarm for goats. On your way there you see the vibrant rural areas of Sogndal.
If you are willing to travel an hour or two, you may see the most amazing thing nature has to offer, the Jostedal glacier. Its arms stretches down in to the valleys of Jostedal, Veitastrand and Fjærland. While there, you should visit the glacier center or glacier museum.
Do not hesitate to ask in the camping reception, we want you to have a great stay.